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“Adrift on a raft, the blue sky above and the blue ocean below merge into a single reality. The blinding warmth of the sun is a strange comfort as you roll over wave after wave, slightly disoriented, but beautifully alive. This is The End of the Ocean, Columbus’ best post-rock instrumental band. Prepare to be lulled into chaotic bliss.” – Columbus Alive

“The End of the Ocean are a band with unlimited potential and this EP showed true promise for a bright future.” – Postrockstar

“Complex songwriting, excellent musicianship and an ear for pop sensibilities are all things The End Of The Ocean posses. More importantly though, the have the skill to push emotional states into their music. When you don’t have something as easy as vocals to relate to, the music has to step up and make that connection. The End Of The Ocean realize that and execute it perfectly. In Excelsis is an outstanding record from a band that has yet to fail me.” – Crave Online

“The End Of The Ocean are a 5-piece post-rock band from Ohio whose nostalgic presence is quite moving. Their debut album, Pacific/Atlantic, was released last year to some overwhelmingly good reviews from just about everybody in the post-rock scene. These guys rock out hard but they are storytellers with their instruments. The songs, specifically on In Excelsis, are very personable and force you as a listener to take a journey through your own mind. This spiritual quest is musically scored by The End Of The Ocean and we experience all the highs and lows of the action as songs rock out hard and at other times slow down into a more moody nature. This is only the band’s second album and they are already establishing themselves as one of the few amazing post-rock bands in the world.” – Earmilk

“Pacific.Atlantic is united by its consistent quality and a distinct sense of enjoyment. It seems that the band had fun creating these tracks, so the listener has fun hearing them. The trick on Pacific.Atlantic is to keep things varied. The epic and concise are handled with equal prowess, with tracks ranging from three to eleven minutes and about as many rearrangements of ‘quiet-loud-quiet’ as are actually possible. The distortion may come out frequently but always with full-hearted passion, and in different guises – rock, melodic and that ancient classic, the wall-of-sound. In equal measures the band drives riffs the size of ocean liners and soaks the soul with gorgeous rowboat-sized melodies. Heads nod; lips whistle. Throughout the album, things are kept in flux – captivating, and irresistibly stirring. The joy of the opener periodically breaks to the surface, never being fought back, but slipping away again with its natural life-cycle.” – The Silent Ballet

“There are days in the week where I want to be taken on a journey through music. Columbus, OH’s The End of The Ocean is one of those bands that have taken me on an amazing musical journey that I cannot describe in words. This five-piece avant garde instrumental band is one of the best I have heard this year. Their first release is as vast and wide as the space between these two oceans. This is one of those albums you hear in soundtracks to movie trailers when the guy is running to stop the girl from leaving. Or when a baby is being born. This record is the soundtrack of life’s journey. If you are a fan of bands like Shapes Stars Make or This Will Destroy You, you will love this record. 4.5/5” HM Magazine

“a fiery fivesome with a complimentary illusory style that works through nice movements in instrumental build-ups and breakdowns to create the perfect mixture of astral projection and aggro-release. The End of the Ocean has a penchant for crafting tunes that move freely from beautiful to trippy to heart-tugging to fist clenching without seemingly overly-contrived, just well crafted.” –

“the end of the ocean have released a monumental slab of instrumental post-rock; there’s nothing I can say that’s going to do pacific·atlantic justice. It’s one of those experiences that just leaves you wowed. I had the pleasure of seeing these guys live and it was even more intense. Why haven’t you tracked down a copy yet?” –

Calm Seas Don’t Make Sailors is an ABSOLUTE must have. Nice repetitive riffs over muscular tone. The Siren’s Sound ticks just over eight minutes and will remind the likes of Expl In The Sky / CUTE. All tracks are perfectly blend to each other, which make the entire release feels like one lengthy song with various paths and avenues on a rainy journey. A MUST which I highly recommend to all the readers. Ambient and Post-rock doesn’t get any better.” – The Siren’s Sound

“An amazing and dramatic EP, highly recommended!” – post rock community

“We never expected to use a song by The End Of The Ocean or even find such an under-exposed band, but on one fine day, after hours of research we stumbled across this hidden gem. From the very first promotional shot that we laid eyes on we could tell that these folks we’re going to be something special, a collection of artists that fit like the most complex puzzle imaginable. The End Of The Ocean have a long journey ahead of them and they clearly have a capable crew to set sail with and who knows, maybe one day they will find the the end of the ocean. See what we did there!” – Strange Glue

“The End Of The Ocean’s (Ohio, USA) ‘Maybe For The Better’ combines the apocalyptic gravity of Talons with the startling fierceness of …And So I Watch You From Afar, providing a deeply satisfying vista of events that’s both optimistic and mournful.” – Musical Mathematics

“The End of the Ocean managed to craft beautiful, but refreshingly unique and MEMORABLE tunes: ones that get stuck in your head, and make you wanting to come back for more. Explosions in the Sky and Sigur Ros did it early in the last decade, and The End of the Ocean are doing it in the beginning of this one.” – Is This Revolutionary?

“Ohio is a hot bed of music (well for me at least) this year. The instrumental band keeps things on task and nothing seems to go on too long. The guitars have a light ring to them on the opening track “On Floating” and they are one of the fewer post rock bands that come to mind that use a bit more keyboard sections. We still get the quiet to loud slow burn, and the payoff as the tracks grow is always rewarding. The album closer “All that Will Cease” might be a top 3 song of they year for me as well.” – Random Musings

“an outstanding album that is confident in its reserved strength, and a journey well worth taking.” – 6forty Project

“Dreamy, atmospheric, logically initiated.” – New-Transcendence


Fade To Yellow

Pretty In Noise

Veuillez par la présente

Music As Heroin

The Inarguable

Grumble Monster


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