We are at Electric Angel Studios in Goshen, Indiana with Grant Beachy recording our new full-length album PACIFIC•ATLANTIC. We are extremely excited to announce that the album will be released on March 1st, 2011 by Future Recordings. At this point drums and bass are finished and we are currently recording guitars.

Though we have thrown our bodies at the mercy of countless meals of Cup’O’Noodles and Easy Mac, bed-less sleep and the frigid temperatures of Goshen, we are enjoying every single moment. Of course, eating cheap food and claiming a small patch of floor to rest your bones at night is nothing surprising. These sorts of things are synonymous with band life! And it helps that we have been invited as humble guests to stay with Grant in his amazing house (we have all agreed that sleeping on the carpet in his upstairs room is more comfortable than our own beds back home.)

Besides being a gracious host, Grant has been an immeasurable positive force during this recording process. He is an amazing producer with a keen insight on music – insight that can only be sourced from a natural wellspring of raw creativity within. He has already garnished our music with tones and swells that we’ve never imagined. Needless to say, we are anxious to hear our album in its entirety and feel so grateful that Grant is helping us refine our art as we progress through each recording day.

We’ll be throwing some pictures and video up soon so you can catch a glimpse of our days here at the studio. Thank you for your support and interest in The End Of The Ocean!