We are excited to announce our new full length album PACIFIC•ATLANTIC. We will be recording with Grant Beachy at Electric Angel Studios in Indiana January 17-21st, 2011. This album is our first full-length and follow up to our ep Calm Seas Dont Make Sailors, self-released in 2009. The album will be released by a record label (which will be announced at a later time). PACIFIC•ATLANTIC is a concept album with two parts; Pacific and Atlantic. We are looking to release this album in Spring of 2011. We will be giving more details on the album as recording and release date nears.

Concept Art:

The track listing is as follows:
1. Monument
2. Fourteen Ninety-Two
3. Sunshine
4. Snowfall From The Heavens

5. The Glory Days
6. Northern Lights in Southern Skies
7. Meridian
8. Distance

Keep checking back for more info on this release.