At the beginning of this year we, as a band, committed to working as hard as we could to make this an incredible year. We wanted to make this band as much of a priority as possible while still tending to our responsibilities at home. This decision has been a roller coaster of change and opportunity for us. This year we’ve released our first full-length album, PACIFIC•ATLANTIC, through Futurerecordings and have been able to tour/share the stage with some very amazing bands. It’s been a great year so far and we’re excited to see where the rest of this year takes us.

One thing that we were very excited about was a European Tour. We have always wanted to tour in Europe and we were given an opportunity to do so through our friend Phillip at EDILS booking. Unfortunately, the band that we were going to tour with was presented with a last minute opportunity that they felt necessary to commit to (we don’t blame them!) and have since had to back out of the tour. Because of this, we are no longer able to make the trip to Europe happen. We did reach out for some fundraising and we had great support but the final costs of us getting there without a back-line or a band to support are too much for us to bear. We regret that we are unable to make it to Europe at this time but this situation is out of our hands. We will be looking to make it over to Europe next year though!

To those of you who generously donated to our cause, we have two options for you. We will happily return your hard-earned money OR you can choose to let us use your donations towards the limited edition 7″ that we were planning to release as a part of our European tour. Each of you will be receiving individual emails from us and you can let us know what it is you’d like us to do! Of course, there will be perks for you as donators i.e. receiving test presses, the first numbered copies, and other rewards should you decide that you want your donation to go towards the 7″.

Change has brought opportunity.

We are excited to announce that our good friend and drummer, Wes Jackson, has joined forces with us. We decided to change things around a bit as we are working on new material and preparing for more touring. Chris will be joining Tara on keys, which was his original instrument when the band first started. We’ve been lacking a lot on that end during our live set since most of our songs have simultaneous keyboard parts and only one keyboardist to play them. We are very happy with how everything is sounding now and this will allow for more intensive writing and collaboration between all of us.

We are also writing for a new full length album, which will most likely be released towards the beginning of 2012. We are also looking to book a tour this fall on the west coast in support of PACIFIC•ATLANTIC. Our website will be updated with news on these things as they happen.

Thanks again to you, our friends, for all of your support over the past couple of years. Thank you for weathering the storms and changing tides with us. We do this band for you. We write this music for you.

See you on the road!